wednesday 8th april, 2015

 6.30 pm 'Korkoro' — a film by Tony Gatlif. Introduction by Dr Punita Singh


On Wednesday, April 8th, we will celebrate International Roma Day at The Attic in the heart of India’s capital, New Delhi.

A short introduction by Dr Punita Singh will be followed by the screening of the film.

‘Korkoro’ (meaning ‘freedom’ in the Romani language) is a French drama written and directed by Tony Gatlif.  Set during World War II, the film takes on the subject of the Roma holocaust through the story of a young French orphan and the Romani gypsy clan he attaches himself to. As they wander in rural France looking for seasonal work, they face discrimination from local villagers and outright persecution by the Vichy gendarmerie. While some kinder village folk and members of the French Resistance try to help the gypsies, they are eventually handed over to the Nazis and sent off to concentration camps.

The film debuted at the Montreal film festival in 2009, winning the ‘Grand Prize of the Americas’. The music, composed by Tony Gatlif and Delphine Mantoulet, has also received great accolades. The film features French actors Marc Lavoine, Marie-Josée Croze and James Thiérrée in starring roles and a supporting cast of actors from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Romania and other countries. 


Director: Tony Gatlif, Language: French and Romani with English subtitles, 107 minutes, 2009