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sunday 18th december


0815-1000 am - An Empirical Experience of the Christian Faith: A Euchrastic Service



Christmas is celebrated throughout the Christian world in many different ways and on different dates of the Gregorian calendar. The Anglican Cathedral of Redemption in Delhi has a unique flavour in its Euchrastic Services in English, Tamil and Hindi. This empirical experience of the Eucharistic Service with hymns in English and the only functional pipe organ in Delhi adds to its solemnity and uniqueness.



Photo: Pradip Dalal


 As another Christmas approaches, We, at The Attic continue in our endeavour to understand the rich diversity of religions in the Country.


The Viceroy’s Church is one of Delhi's best kept secrets. Located opposite Rashtrapati Bhavan Gate no 35, adjacent to Gurudwara Rakabganj,  its striking birthday cake exterior is matched with the interiors consisting of high arches, the beautiful dome, the stained glass paintings and the small recessed openings that allow for sunlight to filter through while keeping the church cool during the summer months. 


The Cathedral was built by Henry Alexander Medd in the 1930's along with the Catholic Sacred Heart Cathedral nearby. In spite of their originality both churches fit into a succession of formal and conceptual discussions for imperial Delhi’s architects about relating Italian mannerism to the British tradition. Foreign conquerors constantly tried to make their mark both militarily and culturally and church architecture is just another layer to the sub continents temples and mosques characterized by the rivalry between Islam and Hinduism.


Robinson, an alumnus of St. Stephen's College, Delhi is a Theologian, Meditation Practitioner, Poet, Art Critic and Heritage Walks Curator based primarily in Delhi. He describes himself as a traveller in life who intends to journey well.




0815-0830: An Overview by Robinson. 


0830-0930: Being part of the Eucharistic Service (Maintain decorum and Refrain from Talking and Taking pictures)


0930-1000: The rich history and salient features of the Church of Redemption by Robinson.




Meeting Point: 0800-0815 Outside the main Portico of the Church. 


Dress Code: Modest.


Please Register with The Attic ( by friday 16th december


Limited to 30 People. No Charges.



How to Reach:


The Cathedral Church of Redemption is located on Church Road, close to North Avenue and adjacent to Gurudwara Rakab Ganj.

Nearest Metro: Central Secretariat.